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Sonic Halo Sonic Halo

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The system defeats itself.

Once again, rather than rewarding those with independent thought, newgrounds instead rewards those whose meek contributions are derived from outside media.

Combining two popular things for instant payoff. Not a single original thought in this entire piece. Devoid of entertainment for anyone with even a mild level of intelligence.


But mildly well animated junk. I can only pray that one day you can come up with something original instead of 'lol video games'

Squaresville Squaresville

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey buddy.

I think alot of people who think your art style is inspired by "Ren and Stimpy" are getting confused.

Its not Ren+Stimpy style at all.

Its american animation style.
So many things are anime-style these days people cant recognize a different art style when they see it.

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ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

I found a key. Perhaps you, master of lockpicking, can find a use for it.

New Numa New Numa

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This still is, and will continue to be, the worst thing to happen to the flash community in years.

This has nothing to do with cartoons.
Its just a big guy dancing around to some weird swedish music.

The saddest part is that, the description of this flash is hilarious. I mean really read the author's comments people. The man has allowed the original numa to make him a corporate bitch. LOOK AT IT. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

XIN Session 18 (Finale) XIN Session 18 (Finale)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Geez. A story that could have been told in an hour, you guys managed to span into an 18 episode series with each episode lasting nearly half-an hour.

Such nice long boring tweens with the occasional scant fight scene thrown in every 5th episode or so.

Thank God this is over. This and Broken Saints most definitely with the award for "Most Pompous Drawn-Out Animated Film"

I gave you a 0 for style because anime is very overdone and cliched.
Come up with your own art style. And never make another series again for the sake of this generation's sanity.

Good day!

ShoBizNewsyNews #25 ShoBizNewsyNews #25

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Hi, my name is The_WalrusZ

My only motivations are my own anger and greed.
I live in florida making cartoons that are uninspired and contain no original thought process to them. I'm as bad as IllWillPress when it comes to rehashing an old failed concept.
But unlike Illwill, I care when people dont like my cartoons. I whine to Wade Fulp when my precious racist YAAFM "cartoons" get flagged for being offensive and ignorant.
But the best thing about me, The_WalrusZ, is that I am an utter corporate whore. I do nothing that is not motivated by money or payment or favors. In fact, I'm such a complete sellout, that I actually animate my characters advertising pornography websites. I have absolutely no morals and barely any drawing or art skills and overall being put on the front page is just fine with me.
It shows Newgrounds likes to support people who think they're comedy central execs.
But thats ok! Fuck art! Fuck original ideas! Fuck putting more than 5 drawings into a flash! Fuck you all! I am the_WalrusZ! I am the start of a new generation of small companies using newgrounds to make idiots laugh and generate cashflow into our bulging pockets! Vive la capitalism! Vive la shitty terrible animation! Vive la horrible voice acting! Vive la old stale ideas! Vive la making fun of celebrities to be trendy and cool! Vive la death of all creativity! Vive la being too stupid to realize what a terrible excuse for a human being I am!

- Sincerly


(check and mate)

The-WalrusZ responds:

Ha. Keeping it original I see. I would care, but seeing that this review comes from a man that has a link to gay porn in his signature in the forums... I could care less.

Bunnycat Bunnycat

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Oh, wonchop. Sigh.

This could have been such a good flash. I know you are capable of so much more. I have seen that pic of the awesome tablet pc you use to animate.
But why? You have the very power of animation that all flash animators yearn for and make your characters giant bouncing piles of tweens. Making it look like something Legendary Frog or Illwill (on a good day (if there are any)) would make.
The character of BunnyCat is adorable. Great voice acting and sound effects. But he is so simple, I doubt it would have hurt to simply do some pose-to-pose animation, no matter how simple, to bring him to life. Just so he doesnt look like a pile of symbols swinging around (which is what he currently looks like).
Other than that, this was short and sweet.
And it has no plot. Which is great. Because I'm sure evey little dick who reviews this flash and says "omfg put in a better story next time" will sit down tonight and watch a Inuyasha or DBZ marathon.
(rolling of the eyes)

Wonchop responds:

K, first off, it's just a regular £30 graphics tablet. No way I can afford those schmancy ones with the built in screen. I prefer using the mouse for lineless models.
Secondly, there's nothing wrong with a movie filled with tweens. You just gotta know how to use them including stuff like easing, positioning, etc. and that does require a degree of talent to pull off correctly too.
I think with those aspects in mind, a 3/10 is a bit mean. =(

IDY in Baywatch IDY in Baywatch

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

...what on earth!?

I really do wish people would come up with their own way of drawing people and things rather than just drawing it in an anime style. Oh well.
Anyways, other than the overused and overdone anime, the character graphics in this were pretty good.
The backrounds were trace-bitmapped. Not good. You basically stole a photo and used it on your own. Makes me sad. :(
I'm not sure what the main characters are. They seem to be disproportioned people with chests that are way too large.
I decided to see what your website is like and it lead me to some strange deviant-art esque webpage. And the first thing I saw was a large green anthropomorphic....thing....with immensly large....erm...bazoongas.
I will assume from looking at your gallery and this, that you are obsessed with anime. However, you DO have some animation skill. I'd love to see something you put some real work into. Most anime is rather cheap and tawdry with 3 drawings-per-second of animation.
However, you are already animating better than most anime, which is good. Overall this wasnt a bad flash, but without knowing who these characters are, or why the females all seem to lactating (and looking about ready to have their mammaries explode), its a bit of a conundrum to figure out what is going on in this cartoon.
I applaud you for your efforts. But this is still very flawed, and done, as I said before, in a drawing style we see far too often these days.
I can only hope one day the whole anime fad dies out and art returns to the internet.
Until then, good day.

Fonzu responds:

Thanks for your honest comment, very much appreciated. I didn't steal the photos though. I'd also like to inform you that this is one of my first flash animations, heh, and I do know there's room for improvement. And I'm sorry you feel that way about anime. Guess can't please all, can we? Thanks again.

The StarCraft Reporter The StarCraft Reporter

Rated 2 / 5 stars


A cartoon that is bad to Legendary Frog proportions.
Bland simplistic character design. Characters that are tweened line-tool-drawn symbols that look and move like they are puppets. And some teenagers recording themselves into a microphone.

I mean, the concept is good. But the execution is not. The moment I heard "Smegol Loves Stimpack" I actually cringed. Not only because, up to that point the voice acting had no emotion and effort, but also because it was just a horrible smeagol impression.

Some of the shading on the characters and backrounds was nice. But overall this is yet another average "hey look how original we are its a video game parody please laugh at it" flash.

I wish people would just find better ways of animating characters. Honestly. Putting lots of symbols on a layer and tweening them about looks like crap. It just does. It makes your characters look dead. Legs and arms dont just swing around on hinges.

There's a reason why artists like Andrew Kepple's and Adam Phillip's and Weebl's cartoons look so nice visually. Its because rather than simply building a character out of parts and peices, they actually study the way a person moves and acts and exaggerate it for their animation, which makes it look like the characters are alive.

On another note, I realize humor is relative. But really, if whoever wrote the script cant come up with anything more creative than cliched obvious references to Lord of the Rings, and video games, then he/she is really a lost cause. It IS possible to make a cartoon funny without resorting to referencing things people are familiar with or parodising something people goof all the time. But then, I doubt you care or understand.
Heck, If you even know who Chuck Jones or Genndy Tartakovsky are I'd be mighty surprised. As this flash shows all the signs of someone who hasnt ever seen a cartoon in their life.

And that, is my review. Good day.

Pico, the NG Guardian Pico, the NG Guardian

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Gee. took the plot and storyboard of Mindchamber's flash....and you put it on a train.
....thats the best you could come up with?
You're better than this.
Or at least I hope you are.

Her and Mine 1001 Wishes Her and Mine 1001 Wishes

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I realize I'm going to get attacked by all the "big" "strong" "heterosexual" otakus of newgrounds but here goes:

This should not have a score above 4.
Dont get mad. Listen.
Look, its great that people all over the world are submitting flash to newgrounds.
But this isnt a flash. Its a storybook. A storybook with mediocre drawings.
Dont vote5 instantly because its from Japan.
Yeah, Japan is cool. This cartoon is meh. At its most basic its a casual sob story told through some drawings. No animation here. And some drawings get reused.

Please Newgrounds.
Vote fairly. There are far more beautiful and touching cartoons gracing this website that arent japanese and dont have a score nearly as high as this one.

Dont become the next DeviantArt.
Dont become another website that does nothing but praise a cliched art form.

For the sake of what little honor is left on this porn-boat we call fairly. Judge fairly.

I give this a 2/5

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